Fire Insurance Claims

A house fire can be one of the most devastating events to strike a homeowner and their family. Likewise, a business destroyed or damaged by a fire can result in huge financial setbacks that are often detrimental to a business. In either situation, the property

owner has a lot to worry about in the aftermath of a fire, from temporary accommodation to contacting business partners and employees. Unfortunately, amidst this chaos is when many policyholders get taken advantage of.

Homeowners come to us with the following concerns (amongst others):

  • Where am I going to live?
  • Will the insurance company pay for me to live somewhere else? For how long?
  • My contractor is not willing to repair/rebuild my home for what the insurance company is willing to pay. What should I do?
  • The insurance adjuster keeps asking me for receipts for all of the items that I lost in the fire, which I do not have. How do I prove that I owned the destroyed items?
  • The insurance company is taking too long to pay the fire insurance claim. Why?
  • The insurer suspects me of arson. Now, what?

Business owners are also concerned after a fire:

  • The insurer is refusing to pay the full amount of my lost income.
  • Will the insurance company pay me to relocate my business operations temporarily?
  • My business is losing customers because the insurer is withholding payments needed to resume operations.
  • The contractor is willing to expedite the repairs but wants to charge me an “expedited service fee.” Does my insurance policy cover this?
  • Why is the insurance company asking for my personal and business financial records?
  • The insurer has requested an Examination Under Oath. Do I have to attend? Do I need a lawyer?

Harmon Law is adept at handling insurance claims following the devastation of a fire. Our public adjusters work promptly and diligently to familiarize themselves with your case while addressing your individual concerns.

Our public adjusters assist in helping you come up with estimates for your fire insurance loss while our insurance attorneys help to get you everything you are entitled to under Michigan’s insurance law. Our experienced insurance attorneys have the collective knowledge to understand the interplay between Michigan insurance law and your insurance policy. Our public adjusters and attorneys work in concert to ensure your dispute ends with a favorable outcome.

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