Insurance Claims/Public Adjusting

If you need assistance with a business or homeowner insurance claim, we can help. Our team is experienced, competent and integrated to address all your needs. At Harmon Law, our team will represent you for no more than 10% of the insurance proceeds.


Examinations Under Oath

The insurance company usually conducts an examination under oath (EUO) when it suspects that the home or business owner has filed a fraudulent insurance claim. If the insurance company has scheduled a EUO, you should assume that the insurer is suspicious of your claim. We charge a flat fee to have an attorney prepare you for – and represent you during – the EUO. The flat fee ranges from $1,500-$5,500.

Note: The flat fee is waived for any home or business owner who signs a claims/public adjusting agreement with Harmon Law prior to receiving written or oral notice of the EUO.



When your insurer disputes the monetary value of your loss, an appraisal is the process used to resolve the dispute. We will represent you during this process for a maximum of 10% of the insurance proceeds.


Insurance Litigation

Too often insurance companies deny coverage of valid claims and, when they do, we will file suit on your behalf.The maximum that we charge is 33% of the insurance proceeds.


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