Founder Henri Harmon started Harmon Law with one objective in mind: To provide affordable, trustworthy and quality legal services to home and business owners. When facing a serious loss to your home or business, it’s important that the insurance protection you paid for measures up at the proper time. Honesty and integrity guide our practice and we provide every policyholder with the needed expertise to avoid unfair insurance tactics.

Our specialization is insurance law, which means we have the experience and knowledge to help you recover everything entitled to you as a policyholder under Michigan insurance law. While no law firm can guarantee the most favorable result, we can assure you that our experience, tenacity, and diligence will aid in protecting your interests. We differ in that we offer our clients a successful formula to navigate otherwise complex insurance claims process. For every insurance claim or dispute handled at our law firm, we have both a skilled insurance adjustor and an attorney assigned to the case. From filing the claim to litigation, we are adept in handling an array of insurance claims and disputes that affect home and business owners.


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